Sunday Lunch Menu

It’s been a long weekend, we’ll excuse you for being lazy today. Our roasts are served in limited quantities, availability may be more limited as the day goes on. View our Sunday Lunch menu below, or drool over a PDF download.

To Start

Classic French Onion Soup (gf) – £8

Sweet from caramelised onions, savoury from a rich beef stock. Sealed in with a Gruyere Cheese Crouton.

Caprese Salad (v, gf) – £8.5

Fresh heirloom tomatoes joined together with Burrata cheese and pea shoots lashed in basil infused olive oil.

Crayfish ‘Popcorn’ – £9

Tempura style crayfish tails popcorn, with a chilli & garlic aioli, served in a gem lettuce cup.

Reet Good Yorkie Pud (v) – £9

For a starter? Why not!? Filled with a smooth onion puree and a healthy glugg of our rich gravy.

Baked Camembert for 2 to share (v, gf) – £14

Baked French Camembert studded with garlic, baked bread, beetroot ketchup, roasted shallot purée, house chutney for two to share… or not to share. We don’t


Secret Bistro Sticky Toffee Pudding (v) – £8

A sweet, date-laden sponge, smothered in toffee sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream. Plate licking permitted.

Glazed Vanilla Creme Brûlée (v, gf) – £8

Oh, hello! Creamy, smooth Vanilla brûlée with a side of our homemade shortbread for ultimate dunking.

Mille-Fullie (v) – £7.5

Delicate Pâte Feuilleté or ‘puf pastry’ layered to sandwich a raspberry custard filling. join by fresh raspberries and cream.

After Dinner Nibbles (v, gf) – £10

A selection of Dewlay of Garstang Cheeses, Rosemary crackers. fresh grapes, celery and house chutney.

The Roasts

The Beef (gf) – £17

Roast sirloin of Cumbrian beef served rare, coated in English mustard and sea salt, crispy roasties, truf led cauliflower
cheese, champ mash, spiced honey roasted parsnips & carrots, and PROPER homemade Yorkshire pudding, and a
glug of our luscious beef gravy. Ouf!

The Fancy Chicken (gf) – £18

Whole Poussin roasted with lemon, garlic and pesto stuffing, pigs in blankets, crispy roasties, truffled cauliflower cheese,
champ mash, Provençal vegetables and PROPER homemade Yorkshire puddings and lashings red wine gravy.

The Lamb (gf) – £18

Slow-braised shoulder of Lakeland lamb, braised shallots, carrots & parsnips in a sticky balsamic reduction, crispy
roasties, truffled cauliflower cheese, champ mash, PROPER homemade Yorkshire puddings and a minted lamb jus.

The Veggie (v) – £16

Our Cheesy/Leeky Glamorgan sausages, crispy roasties, truffled cauliflower cheese, champ mash, spiced honey
roasted parsnips, and carrots. PROPER homemade Yorkshire pudding with a beetroot jus. All suitable for our
vegetarian guests.

The Pork (gf) – £17

Roast pork porchetta (pork belly stuf ed with sausage meat herbs, garlic & lemon juice roasted till crisp) crispy roasties,
truffled cauliflower cheese, champ mash, spiced honey roasted parsnips and carrots, PROPER homemade Yorkshire puddings.

Roast for the Little ‘Uns (gf) – £7

For our guests aged 12 years old and younger: A simple Sunday roast with half a roasted chicken breast, carrots & garden peas, creamy mashed potatoes a Yorkshire Pudding and a glug of beef gravy.

Allergen advice: Please advise us of any allergies or dietary requirements before placing your order.

(v) = Vegetarian, (gf) = Gluten Free Alternative, (Vegan) = Vegan Alternative

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